Fundraising for Julius Medical Expenses!

Help my cat Julius


I’ve had Julius since he was 4 months old. Julius has lit my path since I moved to the United States. He has been my rock during so many traumatic moments and a joy to me every single day!

Now at 11, he has become suddenly ill with a variety of strange symptoms. We’ve been to the vet several times and while we are narrowing things down, I’ve run out of money to find out what’s wrong and get him the treatment he needs.

Julius is a lover, not a fighter. A ladies man. A friendly face. A ray of sunshine. A star in his own show that includes all of you!Help me help him! We will be eternally grateful.

All donors will receive pics of my lovely kitty (send your email) and updates on his health. I feel like a heel to ask for help, but I’m at the end of my rope. If his light goes out, I’ll be in darkness.

His various symptoms include:
He is losing his ability to walk / coordination, falling, unsure of steps on three legs.
Arthritis like symptoms in his back leg that came out of nowhere and is possibly bone cancer.
Confusion and spells of terror
He is twitching and thrashing when we touch his head, neck or ears
Mysterious itchiness that isn’t flea related or helped by bathing.
His recurring constipation is no longer eased by previous medication
Labored breathing
He is eating far less and has lost 4 pounds


Well, what do you say about that?

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