Update: Julius, the bad news

As many of you know, Julius’ health rapidly declined over the past two months. He presented a sudden, wide variety of symptoms, all quickly worsening, and it was alarming.

Julius was always a very happy cat: demanding of attention, curious, playful, and involved. He always needed to be the center of action and attention. Apparently, he was also very stoic, because we were unable to see this coming until it was too late.

We’ve been in and out of the vet’s office many times over the past month. Diagnosis was unusually difficult and frustrating, I suppose that’s because of the variety of symptoms. We were narrowing things down by ruling them out. It was a classic episode of House MD, except no one was able to save the day at the end of our episode, (and no one was popping Vicodin like they were tic tacs.)

All of the tests, all of the treatments, all of the imaging, all of the dietary adjustments, all of the house modifications, ramps, rugs and mats. I’m afraid it was all for naught.

All signs pointed to a neurological condition and our vet was able to wrangle a last minute consult at Animal Medical Center. The neurologist ordered YET ANOTHER round of x rays and another blood panel from our vet prior to our arrival at AMC. By the time we arrived across town, our neurologist had referred the imaging and panel to a radiologist at AMC who saw what no one had been able to detect in all of this time despite the many rounds of imaging. The tests apparently very clearly show that Julius had metastatic cancer.

AMC advised on next steps and end of life protocols, dispensed Prednisone and advised euthanasia.

The one constant in my life for my entire time here in this country, my rock for the past 11 years and 8 days, the light of my life is gone. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Julius saved my life. I am beyond devastated and I am having a truly difficult time trying to understand how I can continue without him at my side.

I appreciate your support, your love and your kind words over these past few weeks. It has honestly meant the world to me and has kept me from going completely over the edge.

If you are able to help financially, my GoFundMe site is still up. Needless to say, I am not only emotionally devastated, but this has been a financial disaster. I have greatly appreciated all of your kind donations and I feel like the worst person alive to keep asking. I feel like a failure as a mother and as a provider. This has been incredibly hard and humbling and I want to thank you so very much.

Julius has been a constant companion and a pure joy to live with. I will never forget the love and light my little bunny, my little Jman brought to the world.



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